Michelman Develops Multi-Functional Water-Based Additive

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Developing a Multi-Functional Water-Based Matting Agent

PCI Magazine recently featured Advanced Scientist Scott Smallwood’s article on one of Michelman’s new multi-functional water-based additives, Michem® Guard 400, and its development process.

Smallwood and the rest of our Coatings team set out to create a VOC- and APEO-free, multi-functional water-based matting agent that provides superior performance in interior architectural paints, with a focus on matte finish paint because of its increased popularity in the DIY-market. Our research into current matte paint formulations revealed that various powders, silicones and multiple latexes were incorporated to achieve the desired properties. Based on this research, we identified a potential need for a water-based additive that can be stored and added easily (thereby reducing dust collection systems) into a paint formulation while still giving the end-use customer the desired properties.

Currently, the industry uses various additives to attain the required performance. This article discusses how one water-based additive can provide low-gloss matte paint with the needed performance properties without dust mitigation or worker PPE.

Michelman will feature this and other solutions in booth #2066 at the American Coatings Show held April 5-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Additionally, Scott Smallwood will be presenting more information on the multi-functional water-based additives on April 6th at 4:00 p.m.