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Friday, 20 November 2009

Plate Kote Paper Plate/Tray Coating from Michelman Can Be Used With Any Food Type, Within Any Temperature Range

CINCINNATI, OH (November 20, 2009) – A number of grades of Michelman’s Plate KoteTM paper plate and tray coatings comply with all applicable food additive regulations of the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. These fully compliant coatings are available only from Michelman and are suitable for use with any food type, under any food preparation conditions, and at any food processing or serving temperature.

Plate Kote is currently produced in Michelman’s Kosher-certified Cincinnati manufacturing operation, and produces superior food release characteristics, resisting the seepage of moisture into the paper substrate. It can be used safely in fatty, aqueous and vegan food applications, and can be used in the microwave.

There are a variety of FDA compliant grades available including Plate Kote 50 SFK, a water based flexo/gravure applicable coating designed for paper substrates which will be thermoformed into paper plates/trays, and Plate Kote 982, a release coating which has been formulated solely for the unique requirements of paper plate converting. It is heat resistant, non-blocking and exhibits good gloss and food product holdout.

Michelman is the world’s leading supplier of paper plate coatings. Paper plate manufacturers find that the coating exhibits excellent release in the plate forming process, and allows them to produce a more durable, high gloss, and aesthetically pleasing paper plate that consumers prefer.

About Michelman
Michelman is a global developer of water-based barrier and functional coatings for flexible film packaging, paperboard, and corrugated cartons; and water-based surface modifiers, additives and polymers for numerous industries including wood care, industrial coatings, inks, fibers, composites, and construction products. Michelman serves its multinational and regional customers with production facilities in the U.S., Europe and Singapore, and a worldwide network of highly trained field technical support personnel.

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