DigiPrime® Icon

DigiPrime® Icon primers are designed for converters who prepare substrates off-line, providing better runnability and cleanability, lower odor, and superior adhesion. These press-ready, water-based primers are designed for flexographic or gravure applications and optimize most film and paper substrates. They are very stable in liquid form. Coated substrates have a shelf life of 12 months or more, and will not yellow or show degradation of print quality or adhesion.

Product Name
Percent Non-Volatile
Brookfield Viscosity
DigiPrime® Icon 80009–1119–2120–250
DigiPrime® Icon 80109–1118–20<100
DigiPrime® Icon 80209–1121–23<250
DigiPrime® Icon 84459.5–10.524–26<100
DigiPrime® Icon 85009.2–10.221–23100–400
DigiPrime® Icon 85109.2–10.221.5–23.5800–1500