Use Michelman Hydrolube® fiber lubricants to protect glass, carbon, and other reinforcing & insulative fibers during forming, processing, and post-processing. From water resistance to slip and lubricity, Hydrolube® fiber lubricants are an ideal solution to common challenges when working with reinforcing and insulative fibers. The addition of Hydrolube® to your sizing or binder formula will help minimize fuzz, breaks, and damaged fibers, 

resulting in higher performance across a broad range of applications. Hydrolube® products also provide a softer feel—or hand—in fiberglass. Hydrolube® products are the ideal complement to Michelman’s Hydrosize® and Michem® Emulsion film formers, and are compatible with both thermoset and thermoplastic resin matrices that include polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, urethanes, and epoxies.

Physical Properties
Hydrosize® U5-02
Hydrosize® PA845HMichem® Emulsion 91735
Hydrosize® PP2-01
SOLIDS TYPEMicrocrystalline WaxPolymer / Wax blendParaffin
% SOLIDS39.5–40.528–3131.5–32.5
°C AT 2% LOSS221210173
°C AT 5% LOSS231231193
MELT POINT (C°)515856
CONTACT ANGLE79°near 0°56°
Product Name
Form Type
Product Solids Type
slip and lubricity
PE compatible
PP compatible
thermosets compatible
continuous fiber
Hydrolube® 480EmulsionMicrocrystalline Wax
Hydrolube® 496EmulsionPolymer / Wax blend
Hydrolube® 723EmulsionParaffin
Hydrolube® 743EmulsionParaffin
Hydrolube® 763DispersionPolymer