Licomer® is a family of water-based polymer dispersions and wax emulsions for the manufacture of dry-bright emulsions intended for floor polish, automotive polish, shoe polish and leather polish applications.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
black heel resistance
detergent resistance for Polishes
dirt pick-up resistance
dry bright
easy removal
gloss enhancement
leveling aid
traffic resistance
water resistance
wetting and spreadability
Licomer® A 41Polymer DispersionAnionic7.5–9
Licomer® A 53Polymer DispersionAnionic7–8.5
Licomer® M 55Polymer DispersionAnionic / Nonionic8–9.5
Licomer® T 51Polymer DispersionAnionic5.5–7.5
Licomer® W 11EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic9–10.5
Licomer® W 483EmulsionNonionic3.5–6