Michem® Guard

Michem® Guard waterborne dispersions add optimum slip, plus abrasion, mar, & block resistance, without using solvents. Some also provide a matting effect for a more natural appearance.

Michem® Guard 200 and 201, formulated for use in water-based wood varnishes for flooring and other interior & exterior applications, impart superior matting and abrasion resistance.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
block resistance
mar resistance
rub resistance
scratch resistance
scuff resistance and feel
slip resistance
Michem® Guard 1350DispersionNonionic7–8
Michem® Guard 1360DispersionNonionic7–8
Michem® Guard 200DispersionNonionic5–8
Michem® Guard 201DispersionNonionic9–10.5
Michem® Guard 349DispersionNonionic6.5–8.5
Michem® Guard 7140DispersionAnionic5–7