Michem® Guard

Michem® Guard waterborne dispersions add optimum slip, plus abrasion, mar, & block resistance, without using solvents. Some also provide a matting effect for a more natural appearance.


Michem® Guard 200

Michem® Guard 200 demonstrates superior matting and abrasion resistance in water-based wood varnishes for flooring and other interior and exterior applications. Convenient and easy to use, it improves matting performance in a variety of systems and can be added at 3%-10% solids on solids. Michem® Guard 200 can also be used with silica and other additives.


Abrasion Resistance in Retail Gloss Floor Varnish

Michem® Guard 200 displays improved abrasion resistance in urethane/acrylic systems for floor varnishes.

Competitive Standard @ 5%Grams Lost0.0000.0050.0100.0150.0200.0250.0300.0350.040Michem® Guard 200 @ 5%Retail Neat GlossRetail Neat Satin
Test Method for Abrasion Resistance
  • 1,000 cycles of Taber Abrasion
  • 1,000 gram load, weight loss measured
  • 3 coats, let dry at least 4 hours between coats
  • Abrasion wheels cleaned after 500 cycles

Gloss in Retail Water-Based Floor Varnish

Michem® Guard 200 displays superior matting performance in specific urethane/acrylic floor varnishes.

Competitive Standard @ 7%Gloss @ 6001020304050607080Michem® Guard 200 @ 7%Satin Retail ControlGloss Retail Control
Test Method and Sample Prep for Gloss
  • 20 rod coating on glossy 2A Leneta card
  • Ambient overnight dry
  • Gloss @ 60ºC, average of 3 readings on the black

Explore the Michem® Guard Family

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
block resistance
mar resistance
rub resistance
scratch resistance
scuff resistance and feel
slip resistance
Michem® Guard 1350DispersionNonionic7–8
Michem® Guard 1360DispersionNonionic7–8
Michem® Guard 200DispersionNonionic5–8
Michem® Guard 201DispersionNonionic9–10.5
Michem® Guard 349DispersionNonionic6.5–8.5
Michem® Guard 7140DispersionAnionic5–7