Michem Lube

Michem® Lube is a versatile family of nanoscale wax emulsions, which are mostly carnauba and paraffin-based, used to improve processing and performance in many industries, as well as provide a wide array of surface properties.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
APEO free
block resistance
chemical resistance
gloss enhancement
lubricity for needle and thread
mar resistance
migration reduction
mold release
overprints with heat resistance
rub resistance
scratch resistance
scuff resistance and feel
slip and lubricity
slip resistance
stain and dirt resistance
thermosets compatible
tire dressing
water beading
water repellence
water resistance
Michem® Lube 103DIEmulsionAnionic8.2–9.2
Michem® Lube 124EmulsionAnionic8.7–9.7
Michem® Lube 124PEmulsionAnionic8.7–9.7
Michem® Lube 135EmulsionAnionic8.7–9.7
Michem® Lube 156EmulsionNonionic4–6.5
Michem® Lube 156 PFPEmulsionNonionic4.5–7.5
Michem® Lube 160 PFPEmulsionAnionic4–7.5
Michem® Lube 160PFEmulsionAnionic4.5–7
Michem® Lube 160RPHEmulsion4–7.5
Michem® Lube 180EmulsionAnionic4.5–6.5
Michem® Lube 182EmulsionAnionic4.5–7
Michem® Lube 190EmulsionAnionic8.7–9.7
Michem® Lube 270REmulsionAnionic9–10
Michem® Lube 368EmulsionAnionic8.5–9.5
Michem® Lube 511EmulsionAnionic8.4–9.4
Michem® Lube 693EmulsionAnionic9–10
Michem® Lube 723EmulsionNonionic6.6–8
Michem® Lube 743EmulsionNonionic6–7.5
Michem® Lube 743GEmulsionNonionic6–7.5
Michem® Lube 743PEmulsionNonionic7–10.5
Michem® Lube 985EmulsionAnionic4.5–7