Michem Prime

Michem® Prime functionalized copolymer dispersions deliver the flexibility, water and chemical resistance, and barrier properties of polyethylene in a water-based form. Property enhancements include excellent clarity, adhesion, lower heat seal temperature, durability, and crosslinkability.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
adhesion promotion
chemical resistance
corrosion resistance
fiber sizing
heat seal
heat seal for binders
PE compatible
Substrate - paper
thermal transfer release
water resistance
Michem® Prime 4983-40RSpecialty DispersionAmmoniated dispersion7.4–8.4
Michem® Prime 4983RSpecialty DispersionN/A8.4–9.4
Michem® Prime 6121Specialty DispersionN/A9.5–10.8
Michem® Prime 749947.4–8.4