Michem® Wood Coating

Low-VOC Michem® Wood Coating products set the water resistance standard for waterborne deck stains and sealants. Providing great versatility for exterior wood protection, each solution in Michelman’s line of topical wood treatment additives passes the ASTM D-4446 standard for swell resistance.

 Solids Content %Viscosity m PaspHRecommended pH
Michem® Wood Coating 70LV50<5008.8–10.3>6
Michem® Wood Coating 7530<1008.8–10.3>6
Michem® Wood Coating 4444<5008–10>7
Michem® Wood Coating 5050<1008.8–10.3>6

Michem® Wood Coating 70LV is the most hydrophobic of Michelman’s solutions, while Michem® Wood Coating 75 offers outstanding re-coatability for improved wet out. Both Michem® Wood Coating 70LV and Michem® Wood Coating 75 reduce water uptake and provide swell resistance to help control cracking and splintering on exterior wood applications such as wood decks and fences.

Michem® Wood Coating 44 helps produce wood coatings with excellent weatherability characteristics. This topical wood treatment imparts outstanding water beading, along with improved water and swell resistance for wood decks, fences, and garden sheds. It penetrates deep into wood substrates and is user-friendly. Its superior water-resistant properties improve surface aesthetics and color integrity. Michem® Wood Coating 44 produces a natural surface appearance and is particularly suitable for softwood as well as extending the look and use of outdoor wood furniture.

Michem® Wood Coating 50 provides excellent water resistance for topical wood coatings. This product works to prevent the swelling of wood in the presence of water as well as providing great water bead, and water repellence in exterior wood applications such as wood deck stains and sealants.

Water beading on a wood deck, 10.5 months after being treated with Michem® Wood Coating 44
 VOC (%) According to EU 2004/42/ECWater BeadingWater ResistanceSwell ResistanceRe-coatabilityDurability when used as additiveDurability when used as main component
Michem® Wood Coating 70LV< 1.5%80%
Michem® Wood Coating 75< 3%75% 
Michem® Wood Coating 44< 1%72%

Highly Recommended    Recommended

Water Resistance After One Year of Weathering / Water Hold Out in Minutes

Michelman’s Michem® Wood Coating brand was developed to optimize water resistance, and when used as the main components of formulations, both Michem® Wood Coating 70LV and Michem® Wood Coating 44 offered superior performance compared to the industry benchmark for both water resistance and hold-out.

Michem® Wood Coating 70LV and 75

Key Benefits

  • Increases overall durability
  • Reduces water uptake
  • Enhances resistance to swelling, cracking, and warping
  • Delays mold and fungal growth


  • As an additive: 1–3%
  • At a larger dosage like a co-binder: up to 30%

Michem® Wood Coating 44

Key Benefits

  • Good weatherability
  • Designed to penetrate into the wood
  • Provides enhanced resistance to swelling
  • Delays mold and fungal growth


  • As a binder, and/or as the main component in a coating formulation; can be combined with an acrylic emulsion for reduced tackiness and ease of application.
  • As an additive: 1–3%

Impregnation Stain for Exterior Soft Wood Application

Michem® Wood Coating 44Michelman 44.00
Setaqua® 6411Allnexacrylic binder12.6
Butyl Di Glycol coalescing agent1.3
Water  39.10
Luconyl® NG Yellow 1916BASFtransparent iron oxide3.00