NatureShield® is Michelman’s line of environmentally-friendly emulsions, dispersions, and natural oil blends designed to improve the weatherability of exterior surface coatings by providing water resistance and good water bead to wood and concrete. These products also enhance the natural pattern of wood, and are an effective additive for improving the durability and aesthetics of stone-based substrates.

All products in the NatureShield® family contain at least 10% naturally-derived content. Those with 50% or greater are designated as bio-based; those with 10-49% are designated as bio-containing.

Bio-based surface modifiers demonstrate comparable or enhanced abrasion resistance, improved scratch resistance, and superior matting when used as an alternative to synthetic surface modifiers in high-quality coatings.

How We Tested

NatureShield® products were evaluated with a series of acrylic, acrylic PUD, acrylic hybrid PUD, and PUD binders in clear coat systems for Taber abrasion (CS17/1000g/1000 U), fingernail scratch resistance, and matting/gloss. The binders used were selected based on their intended application usage. Emulsions were incorporated at 1.75% of solids, and dispersions were incorporated at 2.5% of solids. The data presented is intended as a guide to indicate performance. Final properties will vary by resin and final formulation.

SystemApplicationMFFT (°C)
Acrylic 1Exterior Wood8
Acrylic 2Furniture20
Acrylic PUDWood & Concrete Coatings15
Acrylic Hybrid PUDWood & Concrete Flooring & Furniture30
PUDWood & Concrete Flooring & Coatings0

Abrasion Resistance

Acrylic BindersPUD Binders
020406080100120140TABER MGR WEIGHT LOSSAcrylic 1Acrylic 2Acrylic PUD 1Hybrid Acrylic PUDNatureShield®50NoneNatureShield®60NatureShield®70NatureShield®80Synthetic Modifer 1Synthetic Modifer 2Synthetic Modifer 3

Scratch Resistance

Acrylic BindersPUD Binders
Acrylic 1 Acrylic 2 Acrylic PUD 1 Hybrid Acrylic PUD 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 RATING 1TO 9 (9=THE BEST) NatureShield ® 50 None NatureShield ® 60 NatureShield ® 70 NatureShield ® 80 Synthetic Modifer 1 Synthetic Modifer 2 Synthetic Modifer 3


Acrylic 1Acrylic 2Acrylic PUD 1Hybrid Acrylic PUD0102030405060708090GLOSSNone 60ºNatureShield® 50 60ºNone 85ºNatureShield® 50 85º

NatureShield® Grades

NatureShield® surface modifiers allow formulators to develop coatings with an increased amount of bio-sourced materials without jeopardizing the quality of their coatings. Our technology comprises significant levels of sustainable materials providing performance properties that meet or exceed the standard set by synthetic products in the marketplace.

Product% Solids% Bio-based*% VOC Weight on TotalAbrasion ResistanceScratch ResistanceMatting
NatureShield® 5041950.00-0.01
NatureShield® 603091N/AN/A
NatureShield® 7025870.00-0,30N/A
NatureShield® 8025930.50-1.00N/A
* percentage of solids that are bio-based according to ASTM D6866 testing
Moderate Improvement Substantial Improvement