ProHere® L

The ProHere® L series of products are waterborne polymer dispersions and emulsions specifically developed for use in metal coatings. This range encompasses both polymer resins that can serve as organic binders in a coating formulation as well as lubricants and anti-scratch additives for metal processing and in-use lubricants.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity provides friction control for ease of assembly and noise reduction
  • Good block and scratch resistance
  • Outstanding torque tension control enhances overall performance


Please see Food Contact Declaration of Compliance (FCDC) for exact clearances.


  • Surface modifiers and lubricants for general metal and can & coil
  • Sealers and topcoats for fasteners, screws, bolts, and window fittings
Product Name
Form Type
Product Solids Type
water resistance
enhanced lubricity
abrasion resistance
reduced slip
water repellence
scratch resistance
torque/tension control
block resistance
increased CoF
mar resistance
slip resistance
mold release
ProHere® L 90001EmulsionParaffin / Polyethylene Wax blend
ProHere® L 90002EmulsionParaffin
ProHere® L 90005EmulsionHigh Density Polyethylene
ProHere® L 90006EmulsionPolyethylene
ProHere® L 90008DispersionPolyethylene
ProHere® L 90009EmulsionHigh Density Polyethylene
ProHere® L 90010EmulsionHigh Density Polyethylene
ProHere® L 90011EmulsionPolyethylene
ProHere® L 90013EmulsionFischer-Tropsch
ProHere® L 90100EmulsionHigh Density Polyethylene
ProHere® L 90101EmulsionMicrocrystalline Wax
ProHere® L 90102EmulsionMicrocrystalline Wax
ProHere® L 90103DispersionPolyethylene
ProHere® L 90104EmulsionPolypropylene
ProHere® L 90110EmulsionPolypropylene
ProHere® L 90700Solvent DispersionCarnauba
ProHere® L 90900EmulsionCarnauba
ProHere® L 90901EmulsionCarnauba
ProHere® L 90902EmulsionCarnauba
ProHere® L 90904EmulsionCarnauba