The ability to apply unique technologies put Michelman on the map, and is making us a world leader today

In the 1950s, we survived by knocking on doors and inventing solutions to the challenges we found. To offer corrugators a wax alternative, we developed water-based, repulpable coatings in the ‘60s. In the decades that followed, we discovered wax advances that could enhance product performance in many other industries. That ability to organize quickly around a new idea became part of the company culture, and is more important today than ever.

Our passion has always been developing technologies that add value to customers’ products. Now, after a half-century of steady growth, we’re in a position to speed things up. As a privately held company, we have the freedom to invest aggressively in talent and technology. Some of the best minds in the business have left big-name competitors for our entrepreneurial environment.

Change is built into Michelman DNA. To learn how our adaptability can help you thrive, contact Michelman today.