Michem® Flex P1855


A primer for film, metal, and paper substrates to promote superior adhesion to extrusion coated resins. This product exhibits weatherability, and water and chemical resistance to many aggressive package contents such as water, oil, flavors, and fragrances. This product is also suitable for resins extruded at low temperatures.


Water-based primer for liquids and extrusion coated resins

Performance Attributes

This product is used in many applications including the following:

ApplicationProperties Imparted
Extrusion Coating Primersadhesion for film

See more products recommended for Extrusion Coating Primers.
Physical Properties

These physical properties are typical but should not be considered specifications.

Appearanceblueish liquid
pH7.7 - 8.7
Shelf Life (mo) 12
Freeze/Thaw StabilityStable
Percent Non-Volatile32.0 - 34.0
Specific Gravity0.99 - 1.01
Brookfield Viscosity (cps, mPa·s) <200
Spindle Number2

Site of Manufacture (and Product Code)

AUB (MFP1855.E)
SNG (MFP1855.S)

Application Data

Michem® Flex P1855 may be applied via flexo , gravure or smooth roll coater . Corona or flame treated substrates prior to priming and dry thoroughly with hot , circulating air .This product is best for in-line processes , as it may block in rewound rolls Recommended application weight for film substrates is between 0.1 - 1.0 dry g/m2. This product is available in Europe and Asia. Michem Flex P1852 is the equivalent product for the Americas.


Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.