Michem® Flex P2312


A water-based general purpose primer designed for a variety of substrates used in multiple applications including extrusion lamination, extrusion coating, and applying other functional coatings such as PVDC, acrylics, etc. It offers excellent adhesion bond strength for dry and low moisture applications such as snack foods, confectionery, and other dry goods. Michem® Flex P2312 has a higher percent solids content than Michem® Flex P2300, is designed for quicker drying and faster production speeds.


Water-based primer for extrusion and other functional coatings

Performance Attributes

This product is used in many applications including the following:

ApplicationProperties Imparted
Extrusion Coating Primersadhesion for film, adhesion for metal and paper

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Physical Properties

These physical properties are typical but should not be considered specifications.

AppearanceClear liquid
EZ Cup Viscosity (s) 23 - 25
Cup Number2
pH10.0 - 12.0
Shelf Life (mo) 12
Freeze/Thaw StabilityStable after 5 Cycles
Percent Non-Volatile11.0 - 12.0
Specific Gravity1.00 - 1.02
Brookfield Viscosity (cps, mPa·s) 20 - 50
Spindle Number1

Site of Manufacture (and Product Code)

CIN (MFP2312)
SNG (MFP2312.S)

Application Data

Michem® Flex P2312 is designed specifically for use as an extrusion primer. EZ Cup viscosity #2 Cup, 23 25 sec. Recommended application weight for film substrates is 0.025 - 0.075 dry g/m2 (0.5-1.5 wet g/m2).


Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Ensure adequate ventilation. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Use personal protective equipment as required.