Michem® Lube 743P

Brand Family Overview

Michem® Lube is a versatile family of nanoscale wax emulsions, which are mostly carnauba and paraffin-based, used to improve processing and performance in many industries, as well as provide a wide array of surface properties.

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Michem® Lube 743P exhibits a high degree of water resistance and is used in many water based coating applications to increase water resistance and/or surface slip.


Nonionic paraffin wax emulsion

Performance Attributes

This product is used in many applications including the following:

ApplicationProperties Imparted
Fiber Sizingslip and lubricity, thermosets compatible
Can & Coillubricity, water resistance
Concretewater beading, water resistance
Inksblock resistance, mar resistance, rub resistance, water resistance
Overprint Varnisheswater resistance
OEM Applied Wood Protectionwater resistance
Nonwovensblock resistance
Thermal Transferrelease

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Physical Properties

These physical properties are typical but should not be considered specifications.

AppearanceWhite, low viscosity liquid
pH7.0 - 10.5
Shelf Life (mo) 6
Freeze/Thaw StabilityNone: protect from freezing
Percent Non-Volatile31.5 - 32.5
Recommended pH Range1 - 12
Specific Gravity0.97 - 0.99
Brookfield Viscosity (cps, mPa·s) <150
Spindle Number1

Site of Manufacture (and Product Code)

AUB (ML743P.E)


Ensure adequate ventilation. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Use personal protective equipment as required.