Unyte® is a versatile family of water-based technologies that help achieve advanced form and function in both woven and nonwoven materials used in the design of technical textiles and pre-preg fabrics. These solutions enhance textile products' performance by improving adhesion, binding, processability, chemical, heat & water resistance, print receptivity, and anti-blocking.

Unyte® Bind

This series offers multiple solutions that improve fiber-to-fiber adhesion. This improved binding of fibers creates a better structure for applications such as laid or woven scrim and pre-pregs.

Unyte® Glide

Manufacturers of pre-preg fabric and multilayer systems combining woven and nonwoven materials can use these grades to increase lubricity and slip, and facilitate tow spreading of fibers in technical textile production. They are also used as over-sizing to improve release, drape, and fabric processability.

Unyte® Grip

This technology promotes the adhesion between fibers and polymeric matrices helping to improve various functional or mechanical properties. This increased fiber-to-matrix adhesion is beneficial to pre-preg fabric for composites and multilayer systems that combine woven and nonwoven materials.

Unyte® Heat

This group of emulsions operates at elevated temperatures without degradation and can withstand more thermal cycling operations. In addition, they provide heat resistance during primary and secondary processing and impart heat resistance in end-use applications, which make them ideal for use in braided three-dimensional structures for thermal insulation.

Unyte® Resist

Products in this series are designed to provide excellent wet-out and strong surface adhesion to fabrics. They impart performance benefits, including chemical resistance, water resistance, and hydrophobicity under humid conditions to fabrics, wovens, and non-wovens.

Unyte® Print

Products in this series boost ink adhesion for improved print receptivity and minimal color bleed. Fabrics that are over-printed for decoration and branding; or with identification codes where legibility is essential can benefit from these solutions.

Unyte® Slip

Fabrics, nonwovens, and pre-pregs that need to be stacked or rolled without sticking together are ideal applications for these grades due to their anti-block properties, which improve interlayer release and stack-ability for finished products.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
block resistance
tow spreading
water resistance
Unyte® Bind 210Specialty DispersionN/A
Unyte® Glide 310EmulsionAnionic
Unyte® Grip 110Specialty DispersionAnionic / Nonionic
Unyte® Grip 130EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
Unyte® Resist 711Anionic / Nonionic
Unyte® Slip 530EmulsionNonionic