Superior Matting & Abrasion Resistance with Michem® Guard 200 & 201

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Michem® Guard Produces Outstanding Matting and Abrasion Resistance in Wood Varnishes

CINCINNATI, OH (July 15, 2021)Michem® Guard 200 and 201 are two of the newest additions to Michelman’s line of Michem® Guard brand waterborne dispersions.  Formulated for use in water-based wood varnishes for flooring and other interior and exterior applications, the additives are used to produce superior matting and abrasion resistance.

Michem® Guard 200 is formulated for use in urethane/acrylic floor varnishes, while Michem® Guard 201 is used in acrylic/urethane interior and exterior varnishes. Both produce a remarkable matting effect, resulting in a more natural-appearing surface.  Michem® Guard 200 also demonstrates excellent abrasion resistance.

Convenient and easy-to-use, each matting agent is added at 3%-10% solids on solids.  In addition, both products are compatible with silica and other additives.

Michelman’s Michem® Guard family of waterborne dispersions are used by leading paint and coating manufacturers for their ability to add optimum slip, abrasion, mar, and block resistance, and provide a matting effect without using solvents.