Functional Coatings

Michem® Emulsion and Michem Lube wax emulsion additives are added to water-based flexible packaging coatings to maximize the efficiency of form, fill and seal operations. Typical surface modifications include slip control, anti-blocking, mar resistance, and release. In addition, certain Michem Prime dispersions impart thermal transfer functionality.
Michelman is field testing new technology for transparent gas barrier that is chlorine-free, for dry and wet food packaging. Contact your Michelman representative for details.

Additives & Modifiers for Functional Coatings Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge block resistance buffability lubricity mar resistance release rub resistance scratch resistance slip and lubricity

Michem® Lube 156 PFP

(Nonionic carnauba wax emulsion)

Used as an additive in polish (specifically car polish), cosmetics, paints, coatings and graphic arts to increase scratch resistance, lubrication, release and anti-block properties. It can also be used in coatings for OPP films.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Nonionic        

Michem® Lube 160 PFP

(Anionic carnauba wax emulsion)

This phenol-free additive provides slip and anti-block properties when used in coatings for seeds, metal, wood and OPP films.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Anionic    

Michem® Lube 160RPH

(Slip and anti-block properties)

APEO-free and formaldehyde-free slip additive made from renewable materials allowing to control the coefficient of friction. This additive enters the formulation of acrylics, PVdC and Michelman low temperature heat seal coatings without affecting bond strength, printability and barrier properties of the coatings. Michem® Lube 160 RPH fully complies with FDA and EU food contact regulations.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5            
Formulated Coatings for Functional Coatings barrier matte overprint varnish oxygen barrier print receptivity rub resistance Substrate - film water resistance

Michem® Flex Barrier 3510

(Transparent oxygen barrier coating for flexible packaging)

A transparent high oxygen barrier water-based coating designed primarily for polymer materials. It is more durable and can withstand fracturing and pinholes compared to traditional barrier coatings. It can also be combined with metallization processes as a protective oxygen barrier coating.


Michem® Flex Barrier 3511

(Protective coating / primer for vacuum coated metalized films.)

A water-based clear protective top coating that provides good adhesion of vacuum metalized films to inks and laminating adhesives. This product can also be used as a primer for metalization processes.


Michem® Flex M1203

(Water-based, matte finish overprint varnish)

A water-based matte finish overprint varnish for all polyolefin materials. This OPV allows brand owners to use polyolefin materials and create a paper look with a soft velvety texture. It can be applied in registration which allows for clear windows to highlight the product and/or for a mixture of gloss and matte finishes that can enhance overall shelf appeal.


Michem® Flex R1924

(Water-based print receptive primer for water-based and UV inks)

An environmentally friendly primer that promotes print receptivity and adhesion of water-based and UV cured inks and coatings used in printing flexible packaging and labels. It improves ink adhesion on a variety of substrate materials including polyolefins, paper, and foil.


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