DigiPrime® Vision


Building upon nearly two decades of innovation and partnership with HP Indigo, Michelman’s extensive end-to-end application knowledge, and direct input from press owners and operators, DigiPrime® Vision is engineered to provide superior performance, efficiency, and functionality for increased uptime, higher press operator satisfaction, and expanded opportunities for growth with HP Indigo Digital Presses. DigiPrime® Vision water-based, in-line digital print primers deliver the best possible printed output, with increased flexibility and consistent runnability on the widest range of substrates—including recyclable and renewably sourced materials. 

Break Into New Applications

DigiPrime® Vision is compatible with the widest range of substrates of any digital print primer, born from decades of fundamental science coupled with real-world applications experience. Crafted to obtain superior runnability in even the most challenging applications, DigiPrime® Vision makes it possible to achieve a high-quality digital print on substrates where ink adhesion can be especially difficult, including vinyls, heavily textured papers, and even novel and exotic substrates such as velvet, wood veneer, and twill. Engineered to enable the breakthrough speeds of the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, DigiPrime® Vision also helps make running larger and more complex jobs on HP Indigo Digital Presses the smart choice for increased versatility and sustainability.

Achieve Greater Sustainability

DigiPrime® Vision helps bring more sustainable materials, processes, and knowhow into the HP Indigo ecosystem. In combination with the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, it will allow larger and more complex jobs to be digitally printed, reducing media waste and excess inventory. And, thanks to its broad substrate compatibility, DigiPrime® Vision provides press owners with more options than ever before for printing on recyclable and renewably sourced substrates. Select DigiPrime® primers have passed extensive testing for ecotoxicity, heavy metals, and fluorine content, which conform to leading industry standards such as ASTM and the European Committee of Standardization.1 

DigiPrime® primers can also be used in concert with Michelman’s broad portfolio of water-based functional and barrier coatings to enable packaging structures with improved end-of-life options. As a leader in water-based coatings and environmentally conscious technologies, Michelman leverages nearly 75 years of application expertise to develop solutions that support a circular economy. Michelman’s solutions for both flexible and rigid packaging impart critical functionality such as water, oil, and grease resistance; oxygen and moisture vapor transmission control; and heat seal directly to paper and film substrates. This enables the creation of packaging structures that are compatible with existing recycling streams, compostable, and/or lighter in weight, and can help brands transition packaging from film to paper, while continuing to meet or exceed demanding performance, regulatory, and food contact requirements.

(1) Organic Waste Systems Laboratories testing certified up to specified limits. Contact a Michelman representative for more details.

Grow Your Business Faster

DigiPrime® Vision’s breakthrough cross-compatibility simplifies press room management, delivering superior runnability and consistent performance across Series 3 and Series 6 press platforms. Initially offered for HP Indigo 6K and 8K Digital Presses, DigiPrime® Vision is also in the final development stages for the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, allowing label producers to migrate longer runs from flexo to digital. And, thanks to DigiPrime® Vision's reliable performance, compatibility, and ease of use, press owners will be able to transfer jobs between the HP Indigo 6K, 8K, and V12 Digital Presses knowing they can achieve the same high quality results consistently across different hardware. All supported by Michelman’s global distribution network and 48-hour delivery capability to keep your presses running, so your business keeps growing.


Michelman and HP Indigo: A Partnership Built on Innovation

Michelman’s longstanding partnership with HP Indigo has allowed us to work in tandem with their R&D, hardware, materials, and support teams to elevate our formulation expertise. New products are developed in a truly collaborative fashion to optimize performance across applications and create solutions that are finely tuned to work with HP Indigo hardware, ElectroInk, and approved consumables.

Productivity Backed by Global Distribution and World-Class Support

Michelman’s worldwide network of distributors ensures 48-hour service and delivery to press owners anywhere in the world. As full channel partners, our distributors can tap into the knowledge, experience, and insights of our Business Development and Applications (BDA) team, a global group of application engineers with deep end-to-end knowledge of labels and packaging applications, HP Indigo presses, and the applied chemistry of countless materials and coatings. This team works proactively with press owners on the development of new applications, continuously learning & pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with digital printing.