Maruyoshi Michelman Co. Exhibiting at FRP CON-EX 2015

Monday, 5 October 2015

Maruyoshi Michelman Co. Showcasing Reinforced Plastic Composites Expertise at FRP CON-EX 2015 – the 60th Anniversary of the Japan Reinforced Plastics Society

GIFU, JAPAN (October 13, 2015) – Maruyoshi Michelman Co., the joint venture between Michelman and Maruyoshi Chemical Co., Ltd., will exhibit in A01 at the FRP CON-EX 2015 being held October 15-16 at Akihabara UDX, where Hydrosize®, the company’s flagship brand of fiber sizings will be featured.  Hydrosize, along with Michelman’s complementary products, help composite manufacturers develop stronger, lighter, more durable and effective products.  As examples, Michelman recently introduced new solutions to support advanced generations of lightweight, engineered resin composites increasingly being used in automotive applications.  The company also unveiled new fiber sizings that comply with the European Plastic Implement Measure (EC/10/2011), and are being used in composites destined for food contact applications such as coffee machines, plastic dishes, food processors and other appliances and kitchen items. 

Innovative Hydrosize technology helps produce many critical composite properties including strength and color stability, low weight to volume ratio, impact resistance, oil and water resistance, heat and corrosion resistance, as well as food contact compliance. 

As evidence of its expertise in the reinforced plastic composites industry, Michelman was recently chosen to join an elite, 122-member consortium that will make up the new Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI).  The Institute is a $259 million public-private partnership that will help advance the state of knowledge and commercialization of carbon fiber composites. 

Michelman offers a full line of sizings and lubricants used to optimize glass, carbon and natural fibers used in PE, PP, Thermosets, PPS, PA, PC and PET/PBT resin composites by tailoring the surface chemistry of reinforcement fibers to the chemistry of the matrix resin.

About Michelman

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, offering solutions for the coatings, printing & packaging and industrial manufacturing markets. The company’s surface modifiers, additives and polymers are used by leading manufacturers around the world to enhance performance attributes and add value in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, fibers and composites. Michelman is also well-known as an innovator in the development of barrier and functional coatings, as well as digital printing press primers that are used in the production of consumer and industrial packaging and paper products, labels, and commercially printed materials. Michelman serves its customers with production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, product development and technical service centers in several major global markets, and a worldwide team of highly trained business development personnel.