Platen Coating for Board Presses

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Michem Release Agent 9004 Improves Board Quality, Reduces Press Maintenance

CINCINNATI, OH (December 16, 2015) – Michem® Release Agent 9004 is an innovative new platen coating for use on laminated strand board, oriented strand board, medium density fiberboard and particle board presses. The easy-to-use solution is spray, roll or wipe applied directly to the press platen prior to processing. When applied, Michem Release Agent 9004 acts as a metal sealer. It imparts a low COF coating sealing the surface of the platen, producing a cleaner surface which reduces the frequency between cleanings. It also provides a smoother board surface over time, requiring less sanding.

Michem Release Agent 9004 is one of a family of Michem Release Agents manufactured by Michelman.  The family of products are used to prevent processed materials from adhering to a substrate surface.  The agents are applied to the mold or forming surface, and provide easy release of the part with defect free performance.

About Michelman

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, offering solutions for the coatings, printing & packaging and industrial manufacturing markets. The company’s surface modifiers, additives and polymers are used by leading manufacturers around the world to enhance performance attributes and add value in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, fibers and composites. Michelman is also well-known as an innovator in the development of barrier and functional coatings, as well as digital printing press primers that are used in the production of consumer and industrial packaging and paper products, labels, and commercially printed materials. Michelman serves its customers with production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, product development and technical service centers in several major global markets, and a worldwide team of highly trained business development personnel.