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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Michelman Enhances Website to Reflect Complete Suite of Primer and OPV Solutions for HP Indigo and Digital Press Owners and Operators

CINCINNATI, OH (September 21, 2011) – HP Indigo and digital press owners and operators will find an improved presentation of digital printing primers and overprint varnishes at Michelman, a developer of HP-recommended digital printing consumables for use on paper, plastic and film substrates, has streamlined its website navigation, making it easier and more intuitive for visitors to identify appropriate primer and OPV solutions.

Michelman’s digital printing primers include DigiPrime®, a press ready solution that improves ink receptivity, rub resistance and image quality. As a 100% aqueous product, it is safer for operators and the environment than alternatives, and does not yellow or lose its print receptivity over time.

Michem® In-line Primers are designed specifically for the HP Indigo W3250, W7200 and WS6600. These three presses are equipped with in-line finishing capabilities, and will prime and print in a single pass.

Sapphire™ is a water-based primer used to optimize paper printed on HP Indigo presses such as the 5000 and 7000 series. This primer treatment is based on the application of a water soluble polymer.

Topaz™ is a solvent based primer that is applied via screen printing on plastic sheets to make them print compatible with Indigo technology.

Michelman’s DigiGuard® digital printer overprint varnish is used to enhance appearance and protect printed materials and is applied in liquid form over the digital print. It then requires a drying or curing process, during which time the liquid overprint varnish hardens to protect against physical and chemical damage.

Visitors to Michelman’s website can search for digital printing solutions a number of ways including directly through a digital printing industry link, through product brand name links or through the company’s web based Product Finder™ technology. Solutions specifically designed for HP Indigo presses are clearly identified.

About Michelman
Michelman is a global developer of water-based barrier and functional coatings for flexible film packaging, paperboard, and corrugated cartons; and water-based surface modifiers, additives and polymers for numerous industries including wood care, industrial coatings, inks, fibers, composites, and construction products. Michelman serves its multinational and regional customers with production facilities in the U.S., Europe and Singapore, and a worldwide network of highly trained field technical support personnel.