Contact Michelman to build next-generation performance into your products today

If you’re looking for a product using established surface modifier or coating technology, chances are we have it in stock. If you want something new, we’d like to discuss your needs. Many customer collaborations have resulted in product breakthroughs that still lead their markets today.

Our offerings include dozens of product lines encompassing:

  • Water-based coatings for paper, film and foil packaging
  • Water-based emulsions and dispersions that add value to reinforced plastics, coatings, polishes, printing inks, and many other products
  • Micronized powders for numerous industrial uses
  • Water-based ink receptive primers
  • Water-based and solvent-borne formulations for wood stains and sealants
  • Solvent-borne dispersions for industrial and consumer coatings

From our pioneering start in carnauba and paraffin wax technology, we have continually expanded our capabilities. Innovations over the years have utilized virtually every kind of natural and synthetic wax on the market--including polyethylene, polypropylene and ethylene-acrylic acid. Our coatings line also grows constantly as we push the envelope of sustainable packaging technology.

Five decades in the wax emulsions/coatings business has built our clear understanding of the issues driving change — and the technology required for innovation. Customers know our quality, responsiveness, technical support and global resources can help them get to market first with new ideas.